The Verge يضع قسم التعليقات أسفل صفحاته في إجازة صيفية 

Nilay Patel رئيس تحرير The Verge يوضح أسباب إيقاف التعليقات للأسابيع العدة القادمة، أسفل صفحات الموقع الشهير:

From the very start, community has been at the heart of The Verge — we are unique among almost every major media brand of our size in having a vocal, engaged audience that cares deeply about what we cover, why we cover it, and how we do it. The Verge audience knows our staff and genuinely cares about us. They write us long posts about ways to improve the site and what they like, and when they leave we get heartfelt breakup letters. It’s terrific, and intense.

فعلًا. لدى The Verge مجموعة من أفضل المعلقين على الإطلاق بين المواقع التقنية الأخرى التي لا يحمل قسم تعليقاته شيء غير تعليقات الهواة والمتعصبين.

يستطرد Nilay في تفسيره للسبب الرئيسي الذي دفع The Verge في اتخاذ هذا القرار، مؤقتاً:

And sometimes it gets too intense. What we’ve found lately is that the tone of our comments (and some of our commenters) is getting a little too aggressive and negative — a change that feels like it started with GamerGate and has steadily gotten worse ever since. It’s hard for us to do our best work in that environment, and it’s even harder for our staff to hang out with our audience and build the relationships that led to us having a great community in the first place.

That’s a bad feedback loop, and we want to stop it. So we’re going to call timeout for a while and turn comments off by default on all posts for the next few weeks. It’s going to be a super chill summer.

لعل هذه مجرد لمحة بسيطة لسبب منعي للتعليقات في صفحة ويب، هنا.